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Sneakers, elastic pants: People alter office wear amid COVID

Blazers made of knit fabrics, pants with drawstrings or elastic…

DF Staff - November 9, 2021 0
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Blazers made of knit fabrics, pants with drawstrings or elastic waists, and polo shirts instead of button-downs.

Welcome to the new dress code for the office after the pandemic.

After two years of working from home in sweats and yoga pants, many Americans are rethinking their closets to find a balance between comfort and professionalism now that offices are opening again. They are ditching the structured suits, zip-front pants, and pencil skirts they used to wear before the COVID-19 pandemic and trying out new styles. Because of this, stores and brands are working hard to meet the fashion needs of workers for the future of work.

“It’s more important to be comfortable than to be super structured,” said Kay Martin-Pence, 58, who wore dressy jeans and flowy tops to her Indianapolis office last month after working from home for two years in leggings and slippers. “Why should I feel stiff and buttoned up when I don’t have to?”

Before COVID-19, Martin-Pence wore dress pants and blazers to her job at a pharmaceutical company. She’s back to wearing heels again, but now they’re lower, and she says she’ll never wear dress pants to work again.