Rihanna talks fashion, motherhood as due date approaches

Rihanna isn’t very good at keeping track of time, and…

DF Staff - November 9, 2021 0
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Rihanna isn’t very good at keeping track of time, and that goes for the fact that she’s been telling everyone about her pregnancy.

“Planning? She told Vogue that she wasn’t planning on becoming a mother. “But I’m not making any plans against it. I have no idea when I ovulate or anything like that (expletive). We just had fun. Then it just showed up on the test.”

Now in her third trimester, the music star and fashion and beauty mogul hasn’t exactly been hiding under a maternity tent since she and her boyfriend A$AP Rocky announced they were expecting in late January with a photo shoot in the snowy streets of New York. Since then, she has gone to fashion weeks in Milan and Paris wearing a variety of clothes that show off her belly.

Rihanna said that if she wouldn’t have put it on her list before she got pregnant, it’s not on her list now.

She said, “Right now, my body is doing amazing things, and I’m not going to be ashamed of that.” “This time should make you feel like a party. So why should you keep your pregnancy a secret?”