Met Gala brings in a record $17.4 million, museum says

All of that “gilded glamour” brought in some real gold….

DF Staff - November 9, 2021 0
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All of that “gilded glamour” brought in some real gold. Tuesday, officials from the Met said that this year’s Met Gala made a record $17.4 million.

The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art pays for itself, so the annual gala is a way to raise money for it. The money helps run the institute and put on big shows like “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” which opened at the gala on Monday night and will be open to the public on May 7. Part of a larger two-part show about the roots of American fashion, this exhibit shows how clothes were made in the past.

The gala usually happens on the first Monday of May, but because of the pandemic, it happened in September of 2021. The institute said that the two galas raised a total of $33.7 million.

“Gilded glamour” was the theme of the gala on Monday.

About 400 people, including some of the biggest names in fashion, entertainment, sports, and other fields, went to the gala on Monday.