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6 TikTok Fashion Trends

TikTok has taken off as one of the most powerful…

DF Staff - May 24, 2022 0
Tiktok Fashion

TikTok has taken off as one of the most powerful forms of social media. Consider the trends that kids and young adults have created that show how viral these fashion items become in time. Here are 6 TikTok fashion trends.

Comfortable Denim

While distressed denim isn’t a new concept, it’s something that’s coming back around. Also, you’re seeing young ladies getting back into the baggy aesthetic from the 90s to show off those dance moves.

Oversized Hoodies

Remember the hoodie your ex-girlfriend stole a few years ago? You might not be too shocked to see it in her recent TikTok videos. TikTokkers are wearing these hoodies with their own custom colors and even sporting biker shorts with them.


Think Locs or Rayban style that you saw in your favorite late 90s and early 2000s video.

Dad Hats

It’s not too surprising that you’ll see more ladies rock Dad Hats to cover up bad ends or just get some shade from the sun. Truckers or old-school ball caps are all fair game.

Bright Colored Sneakers

Don’t be surprised to see the low-top AF1s come back for the summertime with the high socks. With the warmer weather, the bright-colored kicks are definitely in style.

Shirt Jacket

Yup, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. Shirt x jacket = shacket. On a breezy yet hot day, this item comes in handy.